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Soft Mermaid Cotton Toy with cute shape

* This adorable mermaid girl is made by hand with 2 twinkle eyes, and blushes on her face, looks like a princess of the underwater world.
* With sweet smile, she looks very friendly with anybody
* This naive mermaid has no legs but a colorful and large tail instead.
* The glitter heart embroidered on her body makes her more attractive.
* This soft mermaid is a good cozy stuffed travel partner and companion.
* This little princess is stuffed with 100% pp cotton and covered with soft plush, which makes it irresistible to touch.
* This little mermaid is about L13.2 x H5.2 convenient for both toddlers and adults to carry along. The soft touch will be comfortable when embracing it at bedtime or taking a nap.
* Our mermaid girl is exquisitely handmade.
* We pay attention to every detail of the plush pal. There are no beads or buttons that can fall off or be torn off by kids, thus parents will do not need to worry about that small parts which may cause suffocation if swallowed by children.
* All these contribute to its becoming good friend of kids especially those under 3 years old.
COLLECTIBLE FAIRY FIGURES: The little mermaid comes from Andersen’s fairy tale.
* Specially kids will definitely fall in love with this mermaid stuffed toy.
* The soft fluffy mermaid stuffed animal is a great gift for holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Valentine’s Day; Plush animal makes a loving get-well gesture, birthday present, baby shower gift.
* We suggest you not to wash it in washing machine.
* If it get dirty, just grab a damp cloth to wipe away the surface.
* And do not forget to dry it fully under the sun.


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