Additional fee for delivery

Delivery times 10 – 21 days, including Saturday and Sunday

Shipping cost accounts for 10 – 35% of total order cost

Tax cost accounts for 10 – 15% of total order cost

Additional delivery information

We would like to inform you that the shipping address to an alternative address other than the account address is not possible. This includes a work address, PO Box or an address in another country.

Please be aware that if you place multiple orders close to each other, they may be packed together to ensure you receive the goods as quickly as possible.

Will I be charged customs fees?

You will be responsible for assuring that any products you order comply with state and federal government import regulations.

Our terms of sale to our customers in the USA are DDP – Delivered Duty Paid. That is to say, the amount paid by you is fully inclusive of delivery to the specified delivery address and all duties, taxes and customs clearance fees.

Tracking on the orders

Once your order is on its way, you’ll receive a tracking number via email.

To track your parcel, just contact us by email [email protected]. We will check your order and send you the tracking number as soon as possible.

Solution for problem with your delivery


  • You haven’t received your order

Please contact us via email [email protected] or phone number: +1 (267) 7154-299 / +84 93 641 7238


  • An item is missing from your parcel

If an item is missing from your parcel, it may be delayed. In this case, it’ll be sent in a separate parcel once we receive further stock at the warehouse. Please contact us and we will confirm and send you the missing order as soon as possible.

Sometimes an item can be sent separately from a different warehouse. If an item is missing from your parcel, please check your delivery note or parcel insert as you should be advised if an item will be sent later. Also, please check if you have received a second tracking number by email, as this shows that a second parcel has been sent out.

If you receive a damaged parcel, please check that all the items you ordered are inside. If any items are missing or damaged, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help you.


  • You have received the wrong item

We’re sorry if you received the wrong item/it wasn’t as described. Please contact us as soon as possible, so we can help you further.

Faulty Items: 


  • I’ve received a faulty item

We’re sorry you’ve received a faulty item. If the item has a visible fault on receipt, please contact us with details of the fault before making a return, so we can advise you what action to take.


  • My item has become faulty

We’re sorry your item has become faulty in use. Please contact us as soon as possible with details of the fault before making a return, so we can advise you what action to take